Project: Black Fur Purse



The benefit to having a fashion designer cousin is the ability to place custom orders in hopes that one day they'll be fulfilled.  This fur shoulder purse is for my younger cousin who has helped me a lot since my daughter was born.  She's my go-to when I need a sitter on the weekend or overnight.  I am truly grateful for her help - because it really does take a village.  So I'm completing this project as a big, "Thank You" to her.

This indirect request for a fur purse came when she saw a friend of her brother's carrying one.  The friend picked up her small fur shoulder bag and my cousin admired it on site.  I wasn't too fond of the fur purse, but you know, to each their own.


I'm not much of a fur person so when I design this fur purse, I have to make sure I stay true to my aesthetic.  I can't (and won't) just copy anything already on the market.  I have to make sure I will be proud of whatever the end result is and not want to hide it in a box.

I know off the bat I don't want this fur purse to be super feminine and I'll need to bring in some edge to counter the fluffy fabric.  Something physically hard or sleek looking will do the treat.


Based on what's trending in 2017 with fur purses, here's a few that I liked on the market.  Some are pricey and some are not but all of them are kinda dope.

[The following images and (*) links are affiliate links.  All of the items were chosen at my descretion and actually inspired this fur purse design.]


Dark Elegance. Being a fashion designer, you have to be able to pull inspiration from anywhere and use it to make a visual story for your design.  To inspire this fur purse, I wanted a little bit of romance but a little bit of edge as well.  Click the link to see more and what this fashion mood board inspired.

Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4* / Image 5

I'm gravitating towards keeping the fur purse small; my cousin has a minimal style and it will suit her better.

While researching, I came across a number of fur purses that have a chain for the strap and I loved them all.  It's a good counter to the femininity and soft quality of the fur.  In my head, I'm seeing a large dramatic chain; maybe a few layers.

I want the fur purse to have some sort of firm shape.  I don't want this purse to just flop when it's placed down.

For the closure, I'll need something more than just a zipper.  I don't want to risk the zipper pull catching any fur or getting stuck so I'll have to think of another piece of trim to use.



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