I am Delaya Briscoe.

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The Blog

I'm a creative person who wanted to blog about her passion. I wanted to make things, talk about the things I made and then make more things. I wanted myself and my craft to be the focus of my blog and this was a problem. At least, in the blogging realm it was.

The notable blogs focus on graphic design, branding, social marketing and how to blog. All of them tell you to give things to your readers, offer them value and teach them something. But what if you don't want to? Or know how to?

This is where I was.

Don't get me wrong, as a reader, I want you to keep coming back and loving me but trying to be "that blogger" and come up with stuff to offer was stressed work.

Trying to fit into pre-existing ideas of success delayed the success that I could've had already.

It took me 3 years to realize that I was grown and could do what I wanted.

Right now, I'm creating my own lane and I know that some of you need to do the same thing too.

You've been running ramped on the Internet, researching, taking notes, watching webinars, trying to copy other bloggers' methods, knowing that it's not what you actually want to to do. You've tried to find sites that look like the one you see in your head but haven't come across anything yet. You want to blog about your passion but don't think it'll get you anywhere in the long run because it isn't a profitable proven subject.

Well guy, it's time for you to create your own lane right along with me.

The purpose of this site is to creatively and stylistically inspire but also to motivate other creatives out there to do you. To do what you want, in your own way and to own it.

The Author

My name is Delaya Briscoe and I'm a fashion designer, illustrator and side hustler, building my brand from the bottom up with a full time job. Mouthful right?!

My day job isn't too fulfilling and I ultimately want to work for myself as a freelance illustrator and run my own clothing line.

In 2014, I stumbled across the world of blogging. I wanted to start one to reconnect with my love for designing and to develop my personal style.

I ended up getting sucked into trying to monetize the blog (the one that barely ever got started) and thinking about what it could be that I kept getting distracted from the actual blogging part and never really did the designing part.

It's now or never. With a focus of doing things my way, from my own lane, I know I got this.

The Designer

I attended Woodbury University and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design in 2012.

I currently work as an assistant designer for a license clothing manufacturing company, where we develop clothing with character art for various stores. I work in the Men's and Boys department and have hade designs sold to Old Navy and and the online kids boutique, Chasing Fireflies. I also operate and manage one the companies clothing brands.

My design aesthetic favors an elevated street wear for the minimalistic woman with confidence and an understated cockiness. I play around with modern silhouettes, edgy detailing and contrasting elements. Overall, my designs embrace a mash between fun and strength.